Integrated Interpretations

Integrated interpretations are performed and constrained by using client proprietary and public domain information. This includes but is not limited to:
1. Existing well information, including rock property parameters constrained by existing logs and constructed 3D structural surfaces

2. Interpreted seismic sections and 3D surfaces

3. Public domain regional surveys and existing surveys for enhancement of proprietary client data

4. Published and proprietary geological information such as lithologies, known or assumed structure, mapped geology
These interpretations can be tailored for the client for all scales of investigation, from specific prospect level information to regional studies by using, but not limited to:
1. Forward and/or inverse modeling – 2D and 3D modeling of gravity and magnetic data, using existing wells, seismic and proprietary geological information for constraints

2. Gradient and lineament studies, using power spectrum analysis to separate out salient gradients and lineaments to build a structural map of density and magnetic susceptibility boundaries. These maps will cover the spectrum of major regional features down to local shallow lineaments that are associated with faults and lithologic boundaries

3. Depth to basement surfaces utilizing gravity data for high density basement and magnetic data for magnetic/crystalline basement

4. Integrated interpretation images combining all interpretive, geological, structural, and cultural information on one image for ease of cross reference.

5. Digital versions of all the aforementioned products for client use.